Quality food. Quality systems. Just two ingredients that make our food so popular with businesses and consumers .

At Naturezone, we love creating delicious fresh food for today’s busy lifestyles.

And we have the skills and systems in place to make the culinary experience a pleasure for you and your customers.

We use only the freshest ingredients to create convenient food on the go that looks good and tastes great.

The trucks that deliver our products to you use state of the art technology and GPS monitoring systems to keep the food chilled during transit, so everything arrives fresh, delicious and ready to put on your shelves.

Our team are trained in food hygiene and safety practices and are encouraged to suggest ideas for continuous improvement.


Food Safety

Food safety is just as important as food quality. We’re registered with the Ministry of Primary Industries and follow a strict food safety policy through an annually audited Food Control Plan and HACCP. All of our products are fully labelled in accordance with NZ food legislation. And we only work with accredited suppliers who can comply with our standards.


Caring for our planet

We consciously do our bit towards conserving mother earth. Our commitment to environmental sustainability revolves around waste management, water management and energy efficiency. We also use recycled packaging for all of our sandwiches and continually strive to use sustainable forms of packaging wherever possible.

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